Alice in Wonderland

Did you ever think about a wedding as a special day that no one would had before. I believe YES. So why no to think about a theme which is so unreal, so unique  and so magical: Alice in Wonderland. To be honest everything started from planning my wedding… When your name is Alice and you live close where book has been written, just need to go through that theme. So I started planning my wedding. I knew that I want a classic dress but reception and other things need to link with theme.

Below you will find plenty of ideas for wedding dress, decoration, reception.

As well you will be able to follow my post where will be everything from my wedding…

Wedding dress:

Let’s start from wedding dress. Something classic but with magical spark. You can choose a white dress with small black ornaments or maybe a red one for next day  wedding or to have a dress to change.


Something for groom:



Main Photo by Jarosław Kozłowski

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