Gold wedding !!!!

Gold is a colour that is timeless and always elegent that will bring a long of sparking and glam chic to your wedding. You can easily get a little bit luxe to your big day by just adding few things like small table decoration. Or you might want to make your wedding really gold and use that theme in every details like your dress, shoes, jewelry and all venue decoration. Below you will find some of my favorite gold wedding ideas !


You can choose a traditional wedding dress with small gold add-on or maybe you might want to have a wedding dress full in gold


Gold jewelry is very traditional but you might want some hair decoration in gold.


Even when you think no one can see your shoes there are as well very important element of your outfit for that big day.


Wedding bouquets might be as will gold colour with natural flowers or you might want to buy a wedding bouquets’ from artificial flowers.



Never forgot about groom, if you want to have a gold theme for your wedding you can always use for groom outfit.



You can always want to have a car in gold that would perfect match to your wedding.


Wedding invitation:

Wedding invitations are usually the first thing that your guest will received from you with the information about big day. It is a fist stage where you can use gold theme. You can pick glam ans sparking gold invitations or maybe white with small gold bows



Cake is an element of venue that everyone will see and you want to make sure it looks as good as you want. You can choose white with gold sparking items  or just gold cake.



You can find a lot of wedding and venue decorations.


More pictures and where I found them follow me on Pinterest Fairy wedding


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