My Big Fat Greek Wedding !!!!!!

I believe everyone watched a movie `My Fat Big Greek Wedding`!, I think it is a brilliant movie which can give you great theme for your weeding. Or maybe you are lucky who is getting married in Greece or Greek Islands. Place like Greece is just so perfect for wedding you will not need to think too about   decoration  for your big day. You can easily use what Greece has got the best, branch of olives and any other Greek things. I will not need to worry about food will be just delicious. Your dress should be very classic similar to tunic but you will be able to find a lot of nice jewellery that will complete your dress. And if you are lucky to have that special day in Greece you don’t need to worry about weather, it will be sunny !!! Please find below some ideas for your Greek wedding.







Wedding bouquet:




Wedding invitations:


Wedding cake:


Wedding receptions:


More pictures you can find on my Pinterest and as well there you will find of source of all pictures.


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